Net Neutrality

“Do whatever you want to do, wherever you want” is the simplest meaning of the internet freedom, but now some powerful people around the world are turning bad to common people.

Benefits of Net Neutrality:

In very broad spectrum, you can easily surf on the internet to get the details you want. If you go in details take an example: if you want to check out sites that offers best hotel rates for your next travel destination and you start with google. Because of net neutrality, you can just go on google (or other search engines), insert the text in the search, and hit search and viola, you get the results.

Like above example, you can upload your videos or share your thoughts (like I’m doing here) on social media, blogs; everything which attracts major crowd, is free for all to visit. Because of this freedom, majority people around the world has received knowledge to grow themselves unimaginably.

Threat to Net Neutrality:

Now if ‘these people’ succeed in controlling the net then the scenario will be somewhat like this: you open the search engine site, enter the text in the search and hit search button. Now the screen appears before you asking to pay something first to complete your search or else exit the website and forget your search!

Next Scene: Imagine you want to upload a video of your’s son/daughter’s first ever step taken by himself/herself on youtube (or other video sharing websites) and because of ‘these people’ you have to pay first to do the uploading!

Yet another Scene: You want to buy new cell phone urgently and you want to check out on few leading online stores – easiest way to do is to search for the item in the search engine like google but again you have to first pay to ‘these people’ to complete your task!

These goes for all popular websites like social media, education, service providers, etc.

Are we common people are earning to pay to ‘these people’? Don’t we have right to get some free things, even after paying firstly for the basic required charges?

Understand this issue further:

Suppose you have opened a business store in a rented shop and you are getting good business after running it for few years. Now the landlord is asking some percent from your business too along with the regular rent amount, just because he is the landlord, will you do that?

Why people with power thinks that they own entire world and we common people are their slaves or money making machines for them? Why first they put something like this and then we have to fight for our rights? Do socialists thinks on this matter?

Please give your reply, thoughts and don’t just give ‘likes’