title – not yet decided

Do you write blog or anything like it? Do you find it difficult to write even after writing is what you do? Today I found myself in this situation. Actually I am feeling bit down and have some stress in my near family. So I set down to write somethings to get the stress out. But you know, when your mind is roaming out and not listening to give you any thoughts you’ll feel really lonely. It seems nobody cares for you – even your own mind!

Have you gone through such phase? How did you react then?

Here what I do normally. Like today I kept on searching in news, blogs, magazines to catch one¬†thought from which I can write here, but as I told, my mind is not keeping with me and I couldn’t even read one complete story! So I just forced myself to start writing without giving any thought to it.

Now reaching till here, I found myself little stress free. I think I can write something even if I do not have anything in mind. Let’s hope to improve my mindless skill further so I don’t have to post useless thoughts…